Other services

Manicures, Pedicure, Massages

Hands and feet care is done with the products by Jessica.


Manicure for women CZK 490.00
Manicure for men CZK 400.00
Paraffin care - Peach or lavender care for smoother look of dry and damaged hands CZK 260.00
Jessica Phénom nail polish CZK 200.00
French nail polishing Jessica CZK 200.00
Jessica nail polish CZK 150.00


Basic pedicure 45 min / CZK 790.00
Medical treatment 75 min / CZK 950.00
Paraffin care for feet
- Contains Tea tree oil for disinfection and relaxation of the feet + massage
CZK 290.00
Jessica nail polish CZK 150.00
Jessica Phénom nail polish CZK 200.00


Relaxing and therapeutic massage is done by a professional masseuse-therapist with long years of experience in the rehabilitation industry

Massages 30 minutes CZK 350.00
Massages 60 minutes CZK 650.00


Entry check-in 60 minutes CZK 800.00
Complete treatment 60 minutes CZK 900.00
Partial treatment 30 minutes CZK 500.00
Rehabilitation 30 minutes CZK 200.00
Rehabilitation 60 minutes CZK 500.00
Rehabilitation massage (back) 60 minutes CZK 700.00

Eyelash extensions and densification - EMPORIO LASHES

New density I CZK 1800.00
New density II CZK 1900.00
New density III CZK 2100.00
Density addition I CZK 800.00
Density addition II CZK 1050.00
Density addition III CZK 1300.00
Density addition 3D and 5D CZK 1200.00
Removal CZK 150.00